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Vive * Ma * Vida 

Live * Ma * Life

My grandmother Vida, was my best friend and my first example of unconditional love. Despite her financial position she was certainly rich by the way she lived her life.  Her sweet, generous, nature caused friends and family to gather at her place with open arms.  She made the best home-cooked Haitian dishes ever with all natural home grown whole foods.  

Health in this instance is very important to me, had my grandmother lived long enough to see me today I would be a different person.  Mommy Vida was loved so much by so many and it would break my heart to see her cheat her doctors appointment the before.  She would eat a piece of aloe vera from her window plant which would balance her test results.  Amazing power of a plant and the natural healing properties.  Her untimely demise to diabetes would ensure my world would never be the same but I must live my life. Enjoy life really take joy in living. Her love within me fulfills my purpose to promote health staying close to nature as possible.

     My products are based on all natural oils, butter and earthy fragrances.

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